Friday, 16 March 2012

For his warriors, by Rob Mimpriss

Rob Mimpriss is a writer of short fiction from north Wales. He was one of the prize winners in the most recent Rhys Davies Short Story Competition.
My review of Rob's second collection, For His Warriors, is now up at The Short Review. You can read it here.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Blindfold blog tour

I'm doing a sort of mini blog tour to promote Blindfold. Well, it's more a couple of day trips rather than a grand tour - but these are excursions to really good venues.
My first outing is to Vanessa Gebbie's blog. I owe a lot as a writer to Vanessa. She invited me to join the wonderful online writers' group The Fiction Workhouse a few years back. I learned an enormous amount about writing short fiction during my time in that group, and though the Fiction Workhouse no longer exists, some of its former members set up The Fiction Forge, where I continue to work and to learn about writing.
Vanessa herself has won many prizes for her short stories, and has published two collections with Salt Books, Words from a Glass Bubble and Storm Warning. Her first novel, The Coward's Tale, was recently published by Bloomsbury, and I believe the American edition has just appeared. I'll be writing a review of The Coward's Tale here soon.
Anyway, many thanks to Vanessa for inviting me over to her blog. You can read her interview with me here.